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  • EYP provides legal advice on the full range of employment and labor issues, including the following:
  • terms and conditions of employment;
  • employment benefits (wages and allowances, pension
  • entitlements, manpower social security, health benefits,
  • religious festivity allowance, bonuses, etc.);
  • health and safety in the workplace;
  • sexual harassment policy;
  • EYP is also able to provide:
  • practical and strategic advice in dealing with individual and mass termination (including the termination
  • of expatriate workers, directors, and head representatives of trade representative offices), as well as other
  • related employment disputes;
  • services in drafting employment-related documents; and
  • labor audit in merger and acquisition transactions.
  • protection of female and child workers;
  • employment of expatriate workers;
  • outsourcing of work/workers;
  • labor unions; and
  • company regulations and collective labor agreements.