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Our clients value our commercial and pragmatic approach to all types of capital market and securities transaction, from a debt or equity issue to the most intricate and demanding structured financing.

EYP is active in all the key areas of capital market and securities work, including the following:

  • public/private offerings of Indonesian debt,
  •      equity, convertible exchangable securities or
  •      equity linked notes;
  • mutual funds;
  • privitizations, foreign registrations and listings
  •     of Indonesian securities;
  • licensing;
  • structuring financial products for issuance in
  •     domestic and international markets, including
  •     private equity work;
  • capital management activities, such as buy backs;
  • trading systems for capital market instruments,
  •     such as the traditional stock exchange based
  •     system;
  • regulation of the conduct of capital market
  •     players;
  • securitizations